How To Know If Your Mental Health Is Falling Apart

Mental health problems can come from a lot of things. Some of them get built up from stress in everyday life endeavors such as work and school deadlines, household tasks, financial needs, etc. However, one of the known significant contributing factors to mental illness comes from emotional exhaustion. It could be due to a loss of someone, heartbreak, disappointments, feeling left out, and anger. These personal exhaustion factors are serious issues because it can cause a lot of damage not only to your emotional aspect but affects the physical and mental ones as well. But how would you know you are affected by all of these stressors? Here are the few warning signs that can tell your mental wellness might be at risk.


You Deal With Unstable Moods

Having poor mental health has a lot to do with your frequent mood swings. It is the period where you see yourself happy and getting angry after a couple of minutes. It is also the same as feeling energized today and get lethargic afterward. Therefore, if you find yourself quickly getting distressed or irritated by things from minor inconveniences, it could mean that your mind is crying out for help. The intense, sudden shifts of your moods come from emotional exhaustion. Thus the drop from a light feeling to an intense inner weight is something you should not ignore. And by any chance, you can’t seem to notice the mood swings, allow others to tell it to you honestly. Because sometimes, when you are too overwhelmed with different emotions at a time, you get to use more mental energy to think about it.


Your Sleeping Pattern Has Changed

Perhaps you would say that a change in sleeping pattern is normal. However, that is quite not often true. If it seems difficult to take a rest at night even though you haven’t entirely made any significant changes in your lifestyle, it could mean that you are experiencing a mental health issue. That is because sleep deprivation is often associated with overthinking, anxiety, depression, and poor personal care. Thus, when you don’t get the right amount of sleep you need, it becomes difficult for you to focus and concentrate on a productive task. It makes you more anxious, irritable and stressed. It can make you feel less energized, and that can result in low self-esteem and less self-awareness.


You Think Negatively All The Time

When you are constantly neglecting your emotional and mental health, it results in cognitive function difficulty and a challenge in emotional regulation. And when you are stressed, you feel unmotivated to do anything. You believe that everything about your life is a mess, making it even complicated to stabilize the necessary emotional response. Thus, you begin to make it a habit to always think about things negatively. Sometimes, even if the words and actions are for good intentions, you still thought of it as a danger creator. When you experience anxiety and panic attacks from all the things around you, it becomes a sign of the mental condition is extreme.


You Feel Disconnected From Everyone

If you find yourself pushing people away, it is a sign that you are experiencing a psychological issue. That is because social withdrawal does not consider any close relationship. Often, even if you previously enjoy people’s company, you will find yourself losing interest in hanging out with them for no reason. You also find yourself not doing any activities you once want to do because you no longer wish to associate with your loved ones. You isolate and disconnect yourself because of particular reasons. Some of it could be because you don’t want them to think less about you, become apathetic, or get emotionally numb. That is despite your friendly and outgoing character before that everybody likes.



These symptoms are critical warning signs that your well-being is not okay. There is no sense in denying your condition because not only will you have difficulty addressing it, but it would also make it hard for people to reach out and help you. You need to accept and understand your situation for you to be able to help yourself. Because if you ignore these signs, the possibility of chronic mental health problems may arise. That is not something you would wish to have in life because it resonates with an extended period of loneliness, emptiness, and hopelessness. All of which may lead to severe consequences.

If you are one of the individuals who fail to realize the importance of mental health, now is the time to change perspectives. You badly need a break. You need to understand that emotional and mental health stability is everything that can keep you going in life. Thus, if you want to get better, it would be best to seek professional help.

Thoughts About The Pandemic And Our Family


How difficult is it to do distance learning these days because of the pandemic? Wah! From one mother to another, and a mother of a child with ADHD, for that matter, IT IS A NIGHTMARE! I feel like I have gone back to grade school, learning how one hundred twenty-seven students and thirty-six teachers combined in a program will give a sum of whatever. I am back in grade three, and my mind is just blown away. I am a mother, a tutor, a driver, a maid, and basically a slave during this pandemic time.

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Cheating Husband: I Threw Him Out After Quarantine


Ok, what was the logical thing to do that day? Was I supposed to walk away and not react? Tell me, what does a woman do when he sees his husband kissing another woman in public? And not just the typical smack kind of kiss. This kiss was passionate and deep, and you know in your bones that this woman is not just a cousin or a friend. This is his lover.

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Beginners’ Guide For Meditating

You can get the best information about meditation in the 2019 meditation event. There’s information about the proper way of meditation, where you should meditate, what you should do with your body and mind, as well as how long you should do it before reaping out meditation’s benefits. There are many forms of meditation.


Where Should You Meditate?

Honestly, it is up to you because meditation is a mindfulness exercise that does not require a specific type of area. You can try meditating while sitting on the floor. That is usually what most people do. But you can also meditate while lying in bed. It doesn’t matter actually. But note, when choosing the bed as your spot might cause you to fall asleep.

How To Position Your Body While Meditating

Keep in mind that when you are meditating, you have to secure a relaxed body. For most meditation practices, it is fine to have your feet criss-cross on top of each, forming a pretzel-like biscuit. It is okay to put your arms on a resting down position. Then your hands should be on top of each and forming a cup shape. Then your back should be in a straight position with your head completely leveled forward.


How Long Should You Meditate?

Before starting to meditate, make sure you set the time for your desired session. It is essential because time tends to move a lot slower even before you begin meditating. Thus, setting the alarm will prevent you from continually wanting to know how much time you are spending with the entire session. Aside from having a goal, you will also keep yourself away from distractions. By the way, a 5-minute session will work just fine for beginners.

You can meditate by focusing on things around you, reciting words on your mind, or work on mindfulness and breathing. Honestly, anything is okay, depending on your preference.

Positive Thinking Is Necessary At This COVID-19 Time


We do not have the luxury to be negative thinkers at this time. Why? COVID-19 may be the most terrible virus outbreak in the history of mankind after the Spanish flu. But you know what, this pandemic will not cripple us. We are human beings, equipped with a mind to surpass problems in this world. And with coronavirus, we will rise above this and move on with our daily lives as survivors.

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Be Mindful, Be You!

The 2018 mindfulness symposium has taught me a lot of things. I can still recall the lessons I have learned in that event. Well, I won’t say that I managed to incorporate everything into my life. But I am perfectly sure I focused more on what I entirely need. I got to learn that believing in myself is something I should often do. That even if things do not go my way, I will still make it no matter what. How did I manage? Well, here is some of the stuff I practiced through perfection.


Accepting Myself – We all have insecurities. That is the one thing that holds us from growing and becoming who we are. But before I end up messing my life over and over again, I accepted myself. I told myself that I am never going to be perfect, and that is okay because I don’t have to. I only need to appreciate the things I can do and improve those aspects that I think need improvement.

Practice Breathing – It may sound boring, but breathing exercises helped a lot. It removed me away from dark thoughts. Breathing helped me become sensitive about my mind and body. I became more aware of almost everything in my life. That includes my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. I became aware of other people’s feelings too.

Paying Attention – Mindfulness taught me that slowing down and taking time to rest is a must. In the busy world that I am living in, everything requires too much energy. But when I started paying attention to things that only matter, I realized there is nothing I cannot accomplish. I became engaged in finding solutions instead of giving complaints.


Living – I only had my life to fulfill. So instead of focusing on what I can’t have and do, I began living. I tried achieving and doing things that make me happy, and it is all worth it.

Power Of Mindfulness: Achieving More Success While Doing Less



Many of us get tons of issues with productivity. It’s when we get overly productive but often get too burnt out all the time. We aim for a lot of accomplished things, but we often don’t know where to start. Well, the truth is that success doesn’t come from the tons of stuff we do. It comes from the effort we put into achieving one particular goal.

When we attempt to move so fast and wish for things to happen, we are not helping ourselves at all. Soon, we will start to have a brain fog that will make us feel disoriented. And in no time, we will eventually lose focus. Although there are times that we believe we can get to do things simultaneously, the truth is, it is never going to be half of what we should be doing. The constant multitasking only limits us to attain a more reasonable and worth-living advancement.

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Why You Should Make Up With Your Family To Succeed In Life

Various situations can cause a rift in a family. The most common one appears to be divorce or abandonment, considering the exes can’t co-parent, and the kids can’t grow up with mom and dad in the same house. When teens decide to do things their way and disobey every rule, they may end up going away and not talking to their loved ones. A conflict can also come if the son or daughter chooses to love someone whom their parents do not approve of. Instead of making their loved ones see why they have fallen for that person, they leave and insist that they can live happily even without their family.


The thing is, if you want to succeed in anything, you need to mend your relationship with your loved ones. I am not saying it because your family may have connections that you can never have. Even if your parents or siblings do not own a chain of hotels or have old money, you should make up with them. Here’s why.

Lack Of Ill Feelings Towards Anyone Invites Positivity

The first reason why you should make amends with your loved ones is that negative feelings can attract nothing but negativity. As Ryan M. Niemiec Psy.D. elaborates, “The strength of forgiveness has been shown to have a powerful buffering effect on stress. Those who are highly forgiving of themselves and others have a far less chance of having a mental illness.” For instance, you may resent your mom and dad for not giving their blessing when you introduced your boyfriend or girlfriend to them. You are probably angry at your parents for separating and leaving you to live with your grandparents.

What you should realize is that the past is the past. Continuing to harbor ill feelings towards anyone will keep you from inviting positivity. The latter is a crucial ingredient to success, so how will you survive without it?

You Cannot Stay On An Island Forever 

I don’t know what it is about being in love, but a lot of people tend to act as if their special someone is all they need in life. They typically say, “Who cares if I don’t have to see my parents anymore? My man (or woman) is all I want.” Alternatively, “I can go through anything without my family.”


Your stubborn, childish side may bring such words. Your loved ones may not be agreeing with everything you say; that’s why you utter the words that you don’t mean. Truth be told, you may regret saying those awful things, especially when you realize that it turns you into an island that’s too closed off to visit. Thus, you can’t be successful that way.

It Feels Good To Know That More People Can Back You Up Anytime

It seems rare for someone to leave their family on their own. Often, they find the courage to do so because there’s another person or group of individuals who are supposed to catch them. That’s what usually happens when a daughter falls head over heels, or a son finds a strong connection towards his new friends. When either relationship does not last, therefore, they become more miserable than ever. “By building a list of people that you trust, with whom you can talk to in times of need, you allow yourself a strong sense of not being alone.” David Klow, a licensed therapist often says.


Now, with family members to back you up, you may still experience failure, but it may not bother you as much as when you are alone. After all, they can distract you from your problems and help you get back on your feet. And if someone makes you cry, you can be sure that they will avenge you at some point or at least trash talk whoever that person is in front of you.

Final Thoughts

Don’t wait for years to make amends with your family. Whether you or another relative has caused the problem, and it is technically similar to the situations mentioned above, you should not hesitate to call your loved ones and do everything so that they will take you back. “We only have control of ourselves and our own desire for growth and change. Part of that growth and change is deciding the type of person we allow in our lives, and the positive impact they can have on us.” Nikki Martinez, Psy.D. LCPC said.

Remember the things mentioned above to melt the ice that is probably covering your heart if it still hasn’t. Good luck!

4 Signs That You Have Made It In Life

Being a hard worker is perhaps a trait that your parents have ingrained in your mind from a young age. They may say, “The world will not kneel before you. You need to prove that you deserve to get something.” Or, “You should not depend on the family name or your inheritance all your life.” You can hear such words even from individuals who have kids who are practically born with a silver spoon in their mouth.


Because of such lessons from childhood, it reminds people not to stay idle for too long. Why do you think teenagers get part-time jobs? It’s because they want to avoid asking money from their parents as much as they can. Even when they enter college and are busy studying, they find time to earn money. This dedication to earning their keep can most likely be brought by kids to adulthood.

Now, considering you have been working all your life, you may be able to relax a little when you know that you have made it. Here are the tell-tale signs of that.

You Can Take Days Off Without Worrying About The Money You Should Have Earned


“How you view your finances and speak about them can change the way you feel about them. In turn, how you feel about your money will strongly influence how you manage it and deal with challenges.” Bahareh Talei, Psy.D. stated. As you probably know by experience, the individuals who have not made it in life yet will choose work over rest. They need money more than sleep or fun. They do not feel good about missing an opportunity to make dollars. Therefore, the first indication that you are in a better place now is that you do not mind taking a leave of absence for several days to relax or meet your family.

You Are Okay With Splurging Once A Month

According to Eric Dammann, PhD “We all have money issues and quirks of one kind or another. If we don’t know what those quirks are, they will emerge in a time of real stress or panic.” When you are making ends meet, you tend to have a tight grip on your money. You take account of every penny that leaves your bank account; you can never be seen in a fancy restaurant or shopping mall unless someone treats you.

Once you have made it, though, that tight grip seems to loosen. You may still not blow your entire salary on shoes or clothes, but you do not feel too bad about buying an item or two once a month. That’s your way of treating yourself, and you are 100% okay with it.

You Go To The Doctor When You Don’t Feel Well Immediately


Getting sick is said to be a privilege that only the rich people can afford. Because of that mindset, you may not have thought of seeing a physician back then unless you are in a life-and-death situation.

However, if things have gotten better for you financially, you may already be quick to set an appointment with a doctor for any symptom you feel. You no longer think, “Oh, it’s nothing too serious. I can use the money for medicine to pay rent.” The bills don’t bother you anymore; that’s why you can prioritize your health.

You Do Not Feel Scared Of Losing Your Job Tomorrow

Lastly, making it in life entails that you have enough cash in your bank account to sustain you for months or even years. Although it is no reason to slack off at work, this financial freedom does not cause you to be in constant fear of losing your job either. “Learning to cope with financial stress and effectively manage your financial situation can help you feel more in control of your life, reduce your stress, and build a more secure future.” A reminder from Elizabeth Scott, MS, a wellness coach.

Final Thoughts

Seeing the signs mentioned above in you is a cause for celebration. You have made it – you do not have to slave away for money anymore. It is something to rejoice about because not everyone can say that. Cheers!




How To Build An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Plan

The people who want to excel in the business world have one thing to realize. Sooner than later, the number of virtual customers will not stop growing because of the convenience that online connectivity offers. 


Imagine, you do not have to spend hours in the supermarket to get your groceries these days. When you call the store ahead and give them your list, the staff can prepare everything and even send the supplies to your address. In case you want to get a massage or manicure, you can message a masseuse or nail technician online to ask about their home services. Of course, we cannot forget the fact that marketplaces like Amazon offer one-day shipping to their Prime members. 

It is unwise to think that you do not have to build up your online presence because your company does not provide such services. You may say, “I cater to professional individuals; I don’t need to do that.” In truth, to keep the sales and connections high, you must promote your business in LinkedIn, the best networking platform for professionals.

Here are several points on how to build a LinkedIn marketing plan that delivers ongoing results.

1. Know The Cause


You cannot be thinking of holding an ad because you are bored. There has to be a definite reason behind your future actions so that the strategies you will come up with can supply the needs of the company. 

Still, take your time to think of the main goal since hasty decisions do not always give successful outcomes. Spend a day, week, or month finalizing this thought if you must. It is the first step to building a great marketing plan.

2. Remember Your Target Audience

A promotional strategy varies depending on the profession or the age of individuals who can become your clients. For instance, if you are targeting the younger crowd, the words can sound more laidback than when you speak to CEOs and corporate executives. It will not be a smart move to play it safe and make an advertising plan that may fly for different groups. Remember, even in marketing, one size never fits all.

3. Brainstorm For Ideas 


If the objective is to end up with a strategy that delivers continuous results, you just cannot agree to the first suggestion that you or your team says. Set up a time and date in which you can meet and discuss the two points mentioned above, as well as how and when the campaign will start.

4. Make A Clear Outline

Lastly, you need to create the entire plan before you launch the marketing campaign. Whether it will last for a month or three, you have to maintain a file and organize the photos, texts, or videos that you will post on particular days so that you can share them promptly. Following a schedule means one less thing to worry about later on and lets you interact with people better.

Online success will come running to you when you heed the tips above. Cheers!