What’s Your Reason For Striving?

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We all strive hard because we want to achieve something valuable in our lives. We somehow want to create a difference and impact others. We want to become someone that creates relevance in the world. We want to be successful. And as far as striving is the concern, it makes us realize that our lives matter. But is that all there is? Are our efforts enough in creating a difference? Why do we need to work hard and let ourselves suffer? These questions might be complicated to answer, but there are reasons as to why we give life the best of what we can.

Personal Development

Working our way towards success also means emphasizing our capabilities. It dramatically affects our motivation, optimism, and desire for winning. We enhance our personality by learning new things that help our mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects. Striving makes us understand the need for improvement and self-worth. Though sometimes it causes too much aggravation, stress, and anxiety, knowing what we can do becomes enough reason to work hard. However, the intense struggle that we may face is the battle between the kind of person we currently are and the person we can perhaps become.

Society Involvement

In this generation, if we create a huge amount of positivity, we are more likely to gain success. However, striving to become morally correct is only applicable to the benefit of the society. It doesn’t help the human being at all. In a contextualized concept, every one of us strives hard because we have reasons. It could be due to our family, friends, or people who influence us. Nonetheless, we gather strength from an outside source that gives us enough reason to push through.

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Aiming For A Better Life

Striving is the process that takes us to the next level of everything. It’s our way of knowing that things don’t always end in a perfect state. Since the social structure of existence is continuously changing, aiming for a better life becomes a priority. There are positive and negative circumstances that are inevitable to happen which leads us to the best ways of problem-solving. Therefore, a better life becomes the reason why we give all our effort. We don’t want to get stagnant, we don’t like to be left out, and we don’t want to be determined by our current state. We want to change our lives because we don’t want to suffer more. By striving and enduring the pain of what life gives, we find our reasons not to repeat the same mistakes we currently do.

The majority of us fail because we always prepare ourselves for quitting. It’s as if we are programmed to think that it’s okay not to strive hard because it won’t make any sense. Some of us don’t at least attempt to reach our goals because we already think that it is way too impossible. We don’t allow our dreams to become a reality because we are afraid of trying. But striving doesn’t mean aiming for perfection. It’s all about learning how to accept, improve, and live life to the fullest. We won’t be able to determine our future. But if we put our hearts and minds into doing something significantly better, there’s a possible chance that we can enjoy the things around us.

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There will never be a time that everything gets to be perfect. Since life is an endless possibility, we can only expect more significant things to happen. The things we do somehow won’t matter, but they can potentially change something. We need to start thinking that our mind, body, and soul must be prepared for the consequences of life’s uncertainties.

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