Helane Morrison – A True Leader In The Corporate Industry

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The financial industry is a multifaceted world where economic anomalies can easily occur without the awareness of the government representatives who are supposed to stop them. However, the lawbreakers’ smarts fail in comparison to that of Helane Morrison’s. She is a female compliance officer who had made a name for herself in the United States Security and Exchange Commission’s office in San Francisco from 1999 to 2007. 

Life Before SEC

Helane Morrison became a law clerk for the Court of Appeals during her practice. After that, she entered the Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk, and Rabkin law firm in 1986. The duration of her career in this company has prepared her for the work of a civil servant.

Accomplishments As An SEC Leader

Morrison’s time in the SEC is highly valuable. After all, that’s when corporations needed extreme protection from the financial crisis that resulted from tall corruption rates and fraud committed in the commercial industries. With Helane at the helm of the institution, she provided legal assistance to various companies and entrepreneurs to make sure that they could not get deceived during transactions.

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Other than that, Morrison fronted investigations regarding the chief executives of some of the bigwigs in the corporate world. E.g., HBO and Co., Google, and Hewlett Packard, among others. There had been exposés as well about a fraudulent official of Ernst and Young, as well as corrupt insurance agency called American Amicable that duped more than 50,000 folks from the military. They were known as the untouchables in the US because of their high-profile status. Despite that, such labels did not deter Helane from doing what’s morally and legally right.

The woman’s diligence in combatting corruption was not left unrecognized by the institution she dedicated herself to for a while. In between the years mentioned above, Morrison had been appointed as the Head of Commission and Regional Director – a role that used to be given to male compliance officers alone before she entered the office. The new position expanded the scope of her work. Later on, Helane handled fraud cases and prosecutions in North Carolina and five other states in the northwestern region of the country.

Life After SEC

The fact that Helane Morrison is the first woman to hold such a prominent title in American history has made her realize that the financial industry is deprived of female leaders. It led her to leave the SEC and join Hall Capital Partners, LLC, a law firm in which she currently serves as the Chief Compliance Officer, Managing Director, and General Counsel.

Final Thoughts

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Helane Morrison deserves to be an inspiration for a lot of women out there who want to become lady bosses in their own right. You do not have to hold a high position in the government to do that. You don’t need to become extremely popular in the world of finance either. All I’m suggesting is that if you want to achieve something, you should go for it without worrying if it fits your gender role. That’s the only way for you to feel successful.

Good luck!

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