Positive Thinking Is Necessary At This COVID-19 Time

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We do not have the luxury to be negative thinkers at this time. Why? COVID-19 may be the most terrible virus outbreak in the history of mankind after the Spanish flu. But you know what, this pandemic will not cripple us. We are human beings, equipped with a mind to surpass problems in this world. And with coronavirus, we will rise above this and move on with our daily lives as survivors.

In our home, we are not plagued by this disease. I have five kids and currently separated from my husband. He lives with his woman, and I am with the bunch. It is kind of him to help out with our groceries so that none of us has to be exposed to Walmart, buying the necessities. And that I thank the Creator for blessing us with money for food. We are not productive, but we can sustain three times a day meals.

We have fun in our home. The kids play and laugh. I do my online work in a separate room. We do have internet, which keeps everyone busy. School is also done online. I mean, we are just blessed, but we also experienced hardships, and still, nothing changed.

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We have been under lockdown for eight weeks now. I have a bit of money at this time, but when this all started, we had to be frugal. In the first two or three weeks, my cash was limited. And so was my husband’s funds. The kids understood the situation. We had to budget the food, and it was such a good thing that I knew how to bake, and my second child had a green thumb. I bought a bag of flour and baked our bread at home, while my daughter harvested her veggies and fruits to make jams. She also had lettuce, which was our food once a day. As for meat, we had to budget 1 kilo of chicken or fish for the whole day at that time. Still, we managed. We did not let our hardships taint our positive minds.

I mean, will it help if you are negative or depressive about the situation today? Will it help you? Does that make you a better person, being sad and complaining of something that is beyond your control? You are not a scientist who has the cure for COVID-19, and therefore, it is not in your hands to manipulate the virus. The only way for it to leave this Earth is for the experts to create a cure. If you are not an expert, you do not have that burden. And so, why let yourself be afflicted with too many thoughts?

Let’s play a thinking game.

What if there is no Coronavirus? What will you be doing today? A lot of us will say, I will be outside and doing my job, work, career, etc. Some will say I will be in school or I will be on travel. Yes, you can say all of the reasons now of what you will be doing if there was no Coronavirus.

Source: pexels.com

But then again, people, THERE IS A VIRUS, and we cannot go out of the house or else, we risk exposing ourselves to this deadly pandemic. Acceptance. We have to accept that this is the new normal. This is the life we have now, and we cannot and must not complain. If you want to live fully, live with the now and deal with the effects of the pandemic.

It is that simple. Do not overthink. Stop burdening your mind. It will just strip away your hope. And will not do you any good at all.

New normal. This is it. Let us welcome this challenge because we are human beings. We can think of ways to go around this, and we will outlive it. Solomon said, “This too will pass away,” and it will. Just have that positive aura as you condition your mind and soul.

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