How To Know If Your Mental Health Is Falling Apart

Mental health problems can come from a lot of things. Some of them get built up from stress in everyday life endeavors such as work and school deadlines, household tasks, financial needs, etc. However, one of the known significant contributing factors to mental illness comes from emotional exhaustion. It could be due to a loss of someone, heartbreak, disappointments, feeling left out, and anger. These personal exhaustion factors are serious issues because it can cause a lot of damage not only to your emotional aspect but affects the physical and mental ones as well. But how would you know you are affected by all of these stressors? Here are the few warning signs that can tell your mental wellness might be at risk.


You Deal With Unstable Moods

Having poor mental health has a lot to do with your frequent mood swings. It is the period where you see yourself happy and getting angry after a couple of minutes. It is also the same as feeling energized today and get lethargic afterward. Therefore, if you find yourself quickly getting distressed or irritated by things from minor inconveniences, it could mean that your mind is crying out for help. The intense, sudden shifts of your moods come from emotional exhaustion. Thus the drop from a light feeling to an intense inner weight is something you should not ignore. And by any chance, you can’t seem to notice the mood swings, allow others to tell it to you honestly. Because sometimes, when you are too overwhelmed with different emotions at a time, you get to use more mental energy to think about it.


Your Sleeping Pattern Has Changed

Perhaps you would say that a change in sleeping pattern is normal. However, that is quite not often true. If it seems difficult to take a rest at night even though you haven’t entirely made any significant changes in your lifestyle, it could mean that you are experiencing a mental health issue. That is because sleep deprivation is often associated with overthinking, anxiety, depression, and poor personal care. Thus, when you don’t get the right amount of sleep you need, it becomes difficult for you to focus and concentrate on a productive task. It makes you more anxious, irritable and stressed. It can make you feel less energized, and that can result in low self-esteem and less self-awareness.


You Think Negatively All The Time

When you are constantly neglecting your emotional and mental health, it results in cognitive function difficulty and a challenge in emotional regulation. And when you are stressed, you feel unmotivated to do anything. You believe that everything about your life is a mess, making it even complicated to stabilize the necessary emotional response. Thus, you begin to make it a habit to always think about things negatively. Sometimes, even if the words and actions are for good intentions, you still thought of it as a danger creator. When you experience anxiety and panic attacks from all the things around you, it becomes a sign of the mental condition is extreme.


You Feel Disconnected From Everyone

If you find yourself pushing people away, it is a sign that you are experiencing a psychological issue. That is because social withdrawal does not consider any close relationship. Often, even if you previously enjoy people’s company, you will find yourself losing interest in hanging out with them for no reason. You also find yourself not doing any activities you once want to do because you no longer wish to associate with your loved ones. You isolate and disconnect yourself because of particular reasons. Some of it could be because you don’t want them to think less about you, become apathetic, or get emotionally numb. That is despite your friendly and outgoing character before that everybody likes.



These symptoms are critical warning signs that your well-being is not okay. There is no sense in denying your condition because not only will you have difficulty addressing it, but it would also make it hard for people to reach out and help you. You need to accept and understand your situation for you to be able to help yourself. Because if you ignore these signs, the possibility of chronic mental health problems may arise. That is not something you would wish to have in life because it resonates with an extended period of loneliness, emptiness, and hopelessness. All of which may lead to severe consequences.

If you are one of the individuals who fail to realize the importance of mental health, now is the time to change perspectives. You badly need a break. You need to understand that emotional and mental health stability is everything that can keep you going in life. Thus, if you want to get better, it would be best to seek professional help.