Cheating Husband: I Threw Him Out After Quarantine


Ok, what was the logical thing to do that day? Was I supposed to walk away and not react? Tell me, what does a woman do when he sees his husband kissing another woman in public? And not just the typical smack kind of kiss. This kiss was passionate and deep, and you know in your bones that this woman is not just a cousin or a friend. This is his lover.

I am the wife. Rather, I was his wife. We made a vow in front of God, our families, and loved ones that we will cherish each other no matter what. It did not say in our commitment and vowed to cheat whenever we feel like it. But as he said to me bluntly, adults can cheat at any time. That is why there is a thing called adultery. Huh! The nerve of this guy telling me that his cheating was justifiable is truly jaw-dropping. So again, I ask you, what was the logical thing to do that day?


It was March of 2020, and COVID-19 was plaguing the county and the world. We were supposed to buy supplies for a lockdown was inevitable. Upon arriving at the mall, he insisted that we separate ways and buy the supplies assigned to us. Oh yes, he already made a list. He said it would do the shopping faster for us. Before we left the house, he was off. He seemed distracted and was talking to someone over the phone. Right then, at the mall, when I saw them, I knew it was the person he was talking too earlier. And so, like any regular wife, I approached them, kicked my husband, slapped his whore, and told him that I would be waiting in the car.

Did I feel good? No. Did I come out as a badass? Yes. I think someone even took a video of us as it happened. “Frumpy mom against hottie mistress” – I gave myself a chuckle when I imagined that. Ten minutes later, my dog of a husband came running back to the car, and off we went.

I drove, and as he was about to open his mouth, I said, “Shut up if you don’t want my fist in your face.” He stopped before he was going to say something. I was so hurt and betrayed, but I did not let him see it. I don’t know how else I did it, but I was able to tell him that he has to move to the guest bedroom and can stay up until the quarantine ends. I also told him that we would be divorcing. He seemed relieved when I said that.

There was tension at home, but I tried my very best to keep things as normal as possible. We have two kids, and I was not about to tell them that we are divorcing this pandemic and all. It was bad as it is having to be on lockdown while news on TV would report thousands of people dying each day. It was terrible outside our house, but much more devastating inside.


I cried myself to sleep every night, but I had to be logical in every way. Logic must rule the decisions you make during your divorce. That’s what my mom told me. He would approach me and talk to me about it, but I would sport my disgusted face and say, “I don’t want to talk. We are getting a divorce. You will leave once this lockdown is lifted. That’s it.” Logical, right?

Do you believe in second chances? Because I don’t. The logical person in me says that if you give a person more than one chance, he will take advantage of you. That’s what my husband did. He has cheated before, and I forgave him. That was his first and last chance. He did again, and no. No more chances. He is out the door.

On the day he left, I told the kids that he had to go. It was heartbreaking, but what else can I do? I cannot live with this person who lied and cheated on me. As he left the house, I shut the door and said good luck.

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