4 Things To Remember To Keep Bullies From Affecting Your Mental Health

Bullies in mainstream media are often portrayed by burly kids at school. They take others’ lunches for fun or beat up the victims who say no to what they want. Moreover, the popular classmates with superiority complex have bullying tendencies as well. Instead of getting physical, however, they tend to humiliate their less-famous peers or set them up for disaster.

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While this depiction is excellent learning material for children, it does not prepare young and mature adults for the possibility that there might still be bullies at work. These brooding figures do not stay in school forever, you know. They grow up like you and, worse, enter the same company that you do. If they did not outgrow the bad behavior, you and your colleagues might fall into their bullying acts.

So, if you don’t want to become someone’s laughingstock and jeopardize your mental health in the process, you better remember the following things.

1.  This Person Must Be Insecure

Thinking about all the bullies you have encountered so far, you may notice that most – if not all – of them feel insecure. For instance, one may come from a broken home, whereas the other is not very smart. Because of that, they target folks who either have a happy family or are so intelligent that they don’t need to consult notes.

2. S/He May Be Jealous Of Your Success

It has been proven a gazillion times that envious people resort to bullying. It is their last-ditch attempt to knock you off the pedestal where your colleagues placed you, regardless if you deserve the post or not. This behavior seems familiar for individuals you surpassed due to your incredible talents.

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3. The Bully Is An Attention-Seeker

If someone gets used to being the apple of everyone’s eyes for a long time, he or she may not want to share the spotlight with anyone. That greed for attention can often lead a person to hog all the praising that your colleagues throw. Usually, that’s everything they can think about; that’s why they end up losing the respect of the people around them.

4. That Fellow May Need A Friend

Trying to understand a bully does not mean that you should allow him or her to walk all over you. It won’t be necessary to gather all your other friends to gang up on that person, but you can set him or her straight so that he or she won’t attempt to do it once more. Then, when everything is calm between the two of you, it is ideal to strike a conversation with him or her and be the friend that he or she perhaps needs (hopefully).

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Final Thoughts

If you inform your loved ones that you prefer to talk to the bullying figure in your life than fight him or her, they might ask, “Are you out of your mind?” However, you know by now that not everyone is eternally evil. Some of them fear getting bullied; others merely wish to feel loved. They used a negative approach to achieve their goals – that is true – but that’s where you can come and help them.

Give these thoughts a whirl the next time you meet a bully, will you? Cheers!

How Do You Define Success? (Working With Effort)

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The key to achieving success lies in a person’s attitude towards doing things. It is not about wanting something; it is all about believing that everything is possible. There’s always a reason behind every hardship, trial, and failure. You don’t often see it, and it falls on the same category that works with effort.

Giving everything you got is what makes life challenging. And if you are confident that you can still offer more, then you are not far from winning. Winners in life don’t get what they want in an instant; they suffer, stumble, and fall while aiming for the best. Positive consequences follow when there’s the right attitude, determination, self-confidence, and optimism. So when you get to be true to yourself and strive hard enough, success will soon be yours.

Find A Reason Not To Stop

When life gets hard, as it will eventually, the only thing to do is to keep going. You have to learn to stay in the fight and use your potential to get over the things that stop you from striking your goal. Don’t try to resist and learn to embrace pain. Try to remember the tough moments and be proud of what you can accomplish and of who you can become. You have every right to give up when everything seems not worthy enough of your effort. However, if you can find a significant reason not to stop doing what you have to do, you’ll soon realize that your refusal to defeat is what life is all about. Look forward and find reasons not to quit.

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It’s All About You

Trust is the best thing you can offer yourself because it’s all on you. Become brave enough to fall and stand up again. Stick to your goals, learn from your mistakes, encourage yourself to fight, and be responsible for creating decisions. Don’t allow others to tell you what to do because no one can define your success. Only you can decide for your future. You have to start with a single step so you can eventually move forward.

Your motivation and focus are determined by your effort. Don’t work hard and just give up when you get tired because getting tired is just the beginning of the trials. The sweat, blood, and tears you invest in your struggles become the character you build. So once you figure out that success is all about your 100% all, everything else will follow its positive path. You can rest if you must, but don’t dare to quit. Try to push yourself to become the person you are destined to become.

What Success Is All About

Success is not all about winning. It’s about learning. Sometimes you may think that failure makes you weak, but it doesn’t. It is part of the process where you learn to accept the consequences for what it is. Success is not easy, and it requires a lot of pressure before you can earn it. But if you know you deserve it, you can define it however you want. You can perfectly make things happen if you only allow yourself to become the best. Live your life without fear and regret. Allow effort to become part of your journey towards success because it is what gives you pride and respect.

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Your success is in your effort. The things you do will soon dictate your future. Yes, mistakes and failures happen, but without them, there’s no chance for you to grow. Not settling in an average level requires effort. If you don’t want to get stuck without greatness, then value the things that you can do.

What Creates Our Success?

What’s with success? Is it about winning and achieving something extraordinary? Is it a thing that makes you proud of yourself? Is it something that you want to accomplish because others want it too? Well, it doesn’t matter what success means to you because all that will matter are the efforts you try to put into it.

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In life, there are only two things that can happen. It is either you fail or succeed in whatever you do. But it’s not always a determining factor to whether you should stop or continue what it is that you’re doing. It is merely a starting point of knowing what you want to do. Success is only achievable if you prioritize the things that are involved in it.

Failure Is Your Teacher – Learning the lessons of failure are your keys to success. Without it, your desire for success will limit you to do your best. Though it can influence how you think, act, and respond to situations, utilizing it as a purpose-driven tool keeps you motivated. It teaches you to understand perseverance, effort, hard work, and optimism. It opens you to another world of opportunities and lets you know the importance of mistakes.

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Mental Strength Helps A Lot – The ability to handle pressure and cope with stress are valuable things in creating success. Your mental strength matters because it is your best asset in finding solutions to every complicated situation. It gives you the ability to perform better tasks and reach upper levels, regardless of any possible competitive conditions. The right mental state provides efficiency, consistency, and mindfulness.

Every Effort Counts – When you can push your limits even if the situation is tough, it is a determining factor that you are almost near winning. Your attitude towards success, along with your effort, makes everything possible. The development of the undefeatable mind is what makes winning more desirable. The thought of not giving up becomes the foundation of hope, motivation, and courage.

Better Critical Decisions Matter – In gaining success, every decision matters. The importance of choosing the best is crucial. However, not all best solutions always go along with everything. Sometimes, some successes require a lesser amount of the whole thing. And the reason why your best sometimes doesn’t work is due to factors affecting it such as emotional concerns, psychological incapability, and less motivational goal. Finding the right balance of the situation is always better in creating success.

Kindness And Empathy Mean Everything – Success has a lot to do with a person’s social ability. It helps in building a sustainable and meaningful relationship. It allows a gain in emotional intelligence from helping, knowing, and valuing others. It helps in social interaction when establishing a network. It helps in understanding other people’s feelings and share sentiments with them, which makes you aware of your needs and their.

Optimism Is A Great Factor – Success will depend on how you look at things around you. Optimism helps achieve goals because it strengthens motivation and self-confidence. It provides growth, movement, and a better outlook in all areas of living. It’s essential in creating progress even if there are stressful life events that may take unexpected measures. It attracts positivity that gives meaning to a person’s life. It becomes the foundation of finding a reason for not giving up.

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When you know the things that can define success, you become one step closer to achieving it. There’s nothing good in waiting for things to happen because working on it is the only thing that can make it possible. So if you desire for success, then you have to earn it. Find the right reasons why you should start making it happen.

What’s Your Reason For Striving?

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We all strive hard because we want to achieve something valuable in our lives. We somehow want to create a difference and impact others. We want to become someone that creates relevance in the world. We want to be successful. And as far as striving is the concern, it makes us realize that our lives matter. But is that all there is? Are our efforts enough in creating a difference? Why do we need to work hard and let ourselves suffer? These questions might be complicated to answer, but there are reasons as to why we give life the best of what we can.

Personal Development

Working our way towards success also means emphasizing our capabilities. It dramatically affects our motivation, optimism, and desire for winning. We enhance our personality by learning new things that help our mental, emotional, and behavioral aspects. Striving makes us understand the need for improvement and self-worth. Though sometimes it causes too much aggravation, stress, and anxiety, knowing what we can do becomes enough reason to work hard. However, the intense struggle that we may face is the battle between the kind of person we currently are and the person we can perhaps become.

Society Involvement

In this generation, if we create a huge amount of positivity, we are more likely to gain success. However, striving to become morally correct is only applicable to the benefit of the society. It doesn’t help the human being at all. In a contextualized concept, every one of us strives hard because we have reasons. It could be due to our family, friends, or people who influence us. Nonetheless, we gather strength from an outside source that gives us enough reason to push through.

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Aiming For A Better Life

Striving is the process that takes us to the next level of everything. It’s our way of knowing that things don’t always end in a perfect state. Since the social structure of existence is continuously changing, aiming for a better life becomes a priority. There are positive and negative circumstances that are inevitable to happen which leads us to the best ways of problem-solving. Therefore, a better life becomes the reason why we give all our effort. We don’t want to get stagnant, we don’t like to be left out, and we don’t want to be determined by our current state. We want to change our lives because we don’t want to suffer more. By striving and enduring the pain of what life gives, we find our reasons not to repeat the same mistakes we currently do.

The majority of us fail because we always prepare ourselves for quitting. It’s as if we are programmed to think that it’s okay not to strive hard because it won’t make any sense. Some of us don’t at least attempt to reach our goals because we already think that it is way too impossible. We don’t allow our dreams to become a reality because we are afraid of trying. But striving doesn’t mean aiming for perfection. It’s all about learning how to accept, improve, and live life to the fullest. We won’t be able to determine our future. But if we put our hearts and minds into doing something significantly better, there’s a possible chance that we can enjoy the things around us.

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There will never be a time that everything gets to be perfect. Since life is an endless possibility, we can only expect more significant things to happen. The things we do somehow won’t matter, but they can potentially change something. We need to start thinking that our mind, body, and soul must be prepared for the consequences of life’s uncertainties.

How To Get Things Done (The Power Of Time Management)

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Our lives revolve around the list of things we want to accomplish, and we are not exempted from the pressure and stress it involves. That’s why we try to practice an action plan and incorporate methods that can help us with the constant changes in our life’s daily duties. However, though we know we are willing to take the risk and do all our tasks responsibly, we still get preoccupied and lose track of our progress. Even if we keep records of our to-do list to keep our mental state active, sometimes it doesn’t seem to help at all.

In unfortunate instances, there are a couple of tasks that give us a headache. Sometimes, one specific activity that could have been finished in an hour can take us days to accomplish. That extended period of exposure to the onetime ordeal makes us devastated, mentally incapable, and emotionally exhausted. That’s the reason why it becomes impossible to proceed and finish a task. So how can we efficiently complete the duties we need to do? Good thing there’s a fast and possible way.

The To-Do List

Every task determines its level of complication from the consumption of energy and time. However, its accomplishment lies in our to-do list. In a particular minor task, it may take 30 to 45 minutes when completing a household chore such as washing the dishes, doing the laundry, preparing food, and changing the sheets. Depending on the amount of energy needed, some task may take 1 to 3 hours respectively like cleaning the house, picking up the kids, and buying groceries. It differs in 5 to 8 hours of office jobs where there’s a need to stick with clerical duties such as bookkeeping, file managing, paper signing, etc. But what if a single 1 to 2-hour task takes you days to accomplish? That’s where time management becomes an answer.

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The Importance Of Time Management

To use and revitalize our energy, we need to understand the importance of a balanced life. By setting a specific time for a particular task, we allow ourselves to achieve sensible productivity. If we can establish a habit of challenging ourselves in becoming more creative, responsive, and organized, our ways will allow success to come in.

Time is a crucial determining factor of almost everything we do so we need to utilize it properly. In some instances, though it’s somehow prohibited, we can allow multitasking depending on the type of activity. If doing 2 or 3 tasks at the same time will not put you in any mental, physical, and emotional dysfunction, then it’s a great way to do more than one thing at the same time. Always take precautions and remember that only those tasks that require a “waiting time” are allowed for simultaneous attention such as doing the laundry, watching TV, feeding the dogs, etc.

Do something that can concurrently work with a present activity. An example of this time management idea is when you are trying to go to the grocery store to buy a particular item. Instead of purchasing only one thing, think about other things that you need to buy so that you won’t have to return to the store again. Same goes with having an appointment with your dentist where you can go to the bank after if it’s near the area. You can try to schedule two activities on the same day so you can save time, effort, energy, and money as well.

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The right mindset is all we need to accomplish any task. If we can learn to use our time properly, there’s an excellent chance that we will be able to gain self-control and self-reliance which are both beneficial for success.

Success – The Discipline That Goes Along With It

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Do you feel a sudden discomfort and irritability when you can’t seem to finish a task? Are you having inapplicable thoughts with your overall potential due to your job’s failed achievements?  Are you having a hard time starting a project or do you always end up repeating everything from the start? Well, there’s a definite triggering factor that hinders you from achieving your goal, and that is the lack of discipline.

The Deliberate Practice

You may always believe that a person’s willpower in achieving success will make everything worth it, but it won’t. The truth is that willpower fades and can turn into exhaustion if given so much pressure. So instead of accomplishing things all throughout the day, you end up utilizing all the necessary energy from overthinking about the consequences of the task you have not made. As a result, you are left with confusions and tons of what ifs.

How To Develop Discipline For Task Completion

Discipline follows a positive routine when it comes to goal achievements. It allows you to become more aware of doing things that require effort, time, and energy. It provides necessary health to assist your mental state’s full capacity.

Give Yourself A Deadline – Mental stress can cause harm to your brain development if not used well. However, when you get to use that particular pressure to boost your motivation, it will allow you to become more creative and imaginative. Deadlines can give you a realistic evaluation of your task, as well as help you in creating a routine that is useful for the situation. It pushes you to utilize your potentials in aiming for a particular goal.

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Do Things One At A TimeDoing things one at a time creates accountability where you can quickly comply with progress. It can help you identify what’s essential and what needs to be set aside. By breaking the goals down into pieces, your brain functions more actively because the task you will have will be less daunting. Focusing on one assignment at a time also saves time, energy, and effort.

Master The Art Of Planning – Planning things and incorporating relaxation into it is a must have discipline. It helps you avoid overthinking and moves you away from doing unnecessary stuff. It gives you the advantage to visualize things that can probably happen along the way to fulfilling a task. It provides a slow but sure success. It can make you avoid physical and mental exhaustion by not trying to complete multiple tasks all at once.

Tracking Progress – Knowing what you have already accomplished is a great way of incorporating discipline. It helps you avoid doing small mindless work and lets you focus on continually finishing what you have started. Tracking your progress enables you to integrate action plan to work on the steps much more comfortably. It allows a boost in motivation, eagerness in fulfillment, and more productivity levels.

Stop Multitasking – You may feel that multitasking helps you in accomplishing more, but it doesn’t. It only lessens your productivity by simultaneously consuming more time, effort, and energy in different areas of various tasks. It limits your perspective by negatively allowing you to work on unrelated things that take so much of your physical and mental capabilities.

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When you think about the hardest part of success, you utterly gather strength for a variety of reasons. From there, you mainly focus on one thing – achievement. You develop a habit of finishing an intense workload whatever it takes. However, if you won’t manage to narrow down the list of things you must achieve within the day, and won’t rely on discipline and positive habits, you might end up accomplishing nothing.